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Quick and easy hairstyles for school

29 August 2018

The countdown to the new term is on. Whether you’ve got a child starting in reception or a preteen going onto senior school, having the right hairstyle is essential. Here, we offer some school hairstyle inspiration with a little help from kids’ groomer Hester van Overbeek

Loose pigtails or plaits

How to do girls’ hair for school in five minutes or less? Opt for the on-trend loose pigtails or plaits. This easy school hairstyle works particularly well for girls with wavy hair (or you can cheat with this styler). Start with a quick once through with a wide-tooth comb, split the hair into two parts of roughly the same size and then place a thin band about half way down to create a loose ponytail. Vary it by adding a loose plait in each side.

Dutch braids

This hairstyle continues to be a hit among schoolgirls of any age and happily, it’s not as hard as it looks. Divide the hair into two portions using a fine-tooth comb to get a neat parting down the middle. Divide the hair on each side into three sections near the forehead. With a Dutch braid, you fold each portion of hair under the next. Grab extra strands of hair every time you take a section of the plait towards the back of the head. Follow the shape of the head as close to the scalp as possible. Keep it as tight as you can and that way it should last two days.


The super-quick boys haircut you can do at home in four easy steps

1. Spray the hair wet and section the top of the hair (over the crown of the head) with a clip.

2. Spray the hair again and take vertical sections of the hair between your fingers. Cut downwards with the scissors. Repeat all around the crown of the head.

3. Now take the top layer and slice in with the scissors at an angle – not in a straight line. Take the fringe between your fingers in sections and cut into it at an angle.

4. Blow-dry the hair before using clippers – never use them on wet hair. Use the clippers to tidy the back with no attachment on slow and controlled movements.



Soft tussled locks

For boys with longer hair, give it a quick comb and then use texturing cream or a salt spray and gently twist it with your fingers. Ta-dah! This is perhaps one of the quickest and coolest hairstyles for school.

The top-knot

Do a high ponytail and tie with a hairband. Now fold the hair into a bun and use the other band to tie it in place. Make it wispy by gently tugging at it – that way it looks more natural. This is another practical school hairstyle that you’ll be doing in less than two minutes before you know it.

Double braided space buns

Section the hair from the crown to the ear with a middle parting. Keep the back section out of the way by putting it in a ponytail. Start plaiting bringing in two pieces of hair in at a time taking hair from underneath. Put hairbands in once you’ve plaited to the top of the head. Now twist the remaining hair into tight buns and secure each side with a grip.


This is another fun school hairstyle for girls with curly hair. Simply part into various sections of roughly equal sizes and then put a band in each to create a ponytail. Then twist each potion into a neat bun and secure with another band and hair grips. With these quick and easy hairstyles, going back to school will be a breeze.

Photographer: Annie Bundfuss. Art director: Fleur Harding. Stylist: Francesca Bartoli. Grooming: Hester van Overbeek. Production: August Management. Kidswear editor: Maggie Davis.

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