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Complete the look or totally change your style with bathroom accessories from Next home. From versatile storage solutions to brilliant bathroom shelves, find out how bathroom accessories can be fashionable as well as functional when creating your dream living space. Showcasing an array of different looks, the collections draw inspiration from the likes of boutique shabby chic, luxury gold damask and modern geometric themes. Introduce new colours with gorgeous combinations of bath sheets, fantastic value towel bales and bathmats; shades include charcoal, fern, plum, mocha, cobalt and raspberry. Add your own personal touch whilst keeping your bathing products and cosmetics organised with storage caddies as well as coordinating soap dispensers, tumblers and toothbrush holders. A great way to add a feel of lightness and space into your bathroom is with mirrored cabinets and mirrors - with pivot, decorative and magnifying vanity styles. With just a few simple changes - perhaps a new shower curtain, set of towels or lightpulls - you'll be able to revamp your bathroom to suit you in no time.