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Detangling starts with us. WetBrush was the first detangler. And first makes a difference. Frist means we're a bit more savvy. We've had more time to perfect detangling and to look for other innovations; like the pop fold brush or the eco friendly version. And we can be creative with patters and colors. When it comes to detangling; WetBrush is leading the way.

WetBrush Princess Wholehearted Moana (R54909) | £15
WetBrush Original Detangler Colour Wash Watermark (K14410) | £13
WetBrush Shine Enhancer (K14409) | £13
WetBrush Princess Wholehearted Rapunzel (R54910) | £15
WetBrush Shine Enhancer Colour Wash Watermark (K14412) | £14
WetBrush Speed Dry (R54485) | £13
WetBrush Fast Dry Round Brush - Round (P29059) | £15
WetBrush Princess Wholeheartd Tiana (R54911) | £15
WetBrush Go Green Treatment & Shine (R54525) | £17
WetBrush Disney Glitter Ball Mini Detangler (L44609) | £10
WetBrush Fast Dry Round Brush - Triangle (P29058) | £15
WetBrush Mens Detangler (P29052) | £13