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Looking for paint samples and wallpaper swatches for your home? Decorating your house can be a challenge with so many interior design options available - so at Next we're here to help you choose the right colours, patterns, prints and materials first time! If you're wanting to decorate a feature wall, it's important to find the perfect damask, stripe or floral wallpaper which complements the other painted walls in the room. Simply choose a few of your favourites along with your chosen paint tester pot to help with your decision. Once you've picked one, you can use our fabulous free how to guides to decide the approximate amount to buy for your wall space. If you're wanting to choose some patterned curtains or upholstery but aren't sure which colour and design to go for, again you can order fabric swatches at Next or see their look and feel in participating home stores. The swatches aren't just for fabric items either; browse the premium material used in our leather sofas to find exactly what you're looking for. Order your homeware samples and swatches today!