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Self-care skincare

16 January 2019

Self-care put simply is the wellness movement that provides the perfect excuse to indulge in some quality ‘me’ time. Be it a mini meditation you do at the start of every day or making a non-negotiable date with your bathtub – research shows that these precious little moments taken just for yourself are paramount for good overall health and state of mind. It’s not selfish but in fact, just what the doctor ordered – and before you say otherwise, yes you can find the time.

So where does beauty come into this? The world we live in is so fast-paced and stress inducing, that even simple tasks like cleansing your face or applying moisturiser is just another daily action that we rush. When was the last time you actually enjoyed the products you use every day? The majority of us have forgotten how to live in the moment and are instead constantly thinking about the next task at hand.

With that said, we’re challenging you to slow down the pace, so that whatever product you’re using feels like an indulgence, no matter how big or small. It will also improve their efficacy as well. Let’s say as an example, you’re stressed at work and urgently have to respond to a difficult email: take a deep breath and apply a nourishing lip balm (and it doesn’t get much better than ByTerry’s Baume de Rose, £39, below). Call it a placebo effect but we guarantee that taking this instant of calm will bring you back to a more relaxed headspace to respond.

Equally, you might be rushing to get the kids to school on time – it’s chaos and the chance of styling your hair, let alone washing it, is minimal. Enter Aveda’s Thickening Tonic, £24.50 (the word tonic says it all) – just before you quickly scrape your hair back into a messy bun and run out the door, reach for this miracle product and imagine you’re at the salon, being mindful as you massage it into the hair with your fingertips. Similar to a dry shampoo, it will also add volume, create waves if you desire and generally bring some life back to your neglected barnet. Better hair definitely equals self-care.

However you choose to incorporate some beauty self-care into your daily routine, the bottom line is – there is always time, even if it requires multitasking. And most products allow you to do exactly that. Take Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm, £47 (pictured above). If you want a more thorough morning cleanse, allow it to sink into the skin while you’re waiting for the shower to heat up, or the kettle to boil, before washing it off – or use it as an overnight balm while you sleep. Likewise, if there’s no time to reapply your entire makeup routine after a workout, bareMinerals’ ever-popular Complexion Rescue, £28, works as the ultimate solution, as it will rehydrate the skin while giving light coverage that won’t hide your healthy post-gym glow.

And perhaps the ultimate in self-care skincare is the almighty Superstart Skin Booster, £45 from Elizabeth Arden. Consider it the essential remedy for your complexion, designed to fortify your skin’s natural defences and boost its ability to renew cells. So if your facial tone feels a little lacklustre or damaged (and whose doesn't during winter), this really is the answer to your problems. The result? Revived, refreshed and radiant skin. What’s more, if you make sure to apply it before your serum or moisturiser, it will also strengthen their effectiveness, too. Genius.



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