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7 style tips for tall men

10 October 2018

Learning the essential art of dressing for your body type is no mean feat, and can often take years to perfect. Aesthetically, a taller man is often seen as having won the genetic lottery but it can still often lead to all kinds of sartorial complications when it comes to getting dressed. And although we’re firm believers that figuring out what suits you best takes personal experimentation and exploration, we’re here to point you in the right direction.

1. Add layers for more depth

Adding the layers (the right way) is a good way to break up your outfit and to add more depth to what you’re wearing. Street style stars all over the world have been teaching us how to perfect the art of style savvy layering for the past few years, so take note. It’s all about making choices that flatter the body rather than add bulk – think a thin, down-filled gilet vest under a suit; a zip top on top of a shirt and underneath an thick coat; a hoodie underneath a smarter blazer.

2. Mix up colour, pattern and texture

In the same way that layering works, experimenting with different colours and textures can be a great way of creating distinct lines throughout the outfit, adding both balance and different focus points. If you’re opting for classic chinos or jeans, try adding something with more texture - such as a chunky knit or a wool blazer - on your top half.

3. Don’t be afraid to visit a tailor

There’s a common misconception that going to a tailor can be an expensive and arduous task, but it doesn’t need to be – and sometimes, it can be your only choice. Do your research until you find something within your budget, and then stick with them. Don’t be afraid to tailor everything from your jeans to your suit, because badly fitted clothes can ruin an otherwise perfect outfit.

4. Use accessories to your advantage

Just because you might be taller than the average Joe doesn’t mean that you should feel the need to blend into your surroundings and stay subdued when it comes to your choice of accessories. Continue to experiment with colours and trends that catch your eye, and remember that accessories are primarily there serve a purpose (it’s also been said that thinner belts are the most flattering option for taller guys).

5. You can’t go wrong with a suit

There’s no doubting that every man transforms into a different version of himself when it comes to tailoring. For the taller man, choosing something that sits closer to your body is unquestionably the best way to flatter it. Choose slim or skinny suits rather than something looser – you don’t want to be swamped by the fabric. Light colours will forever be a flattering choice and again, don’t be afraid to get it tailored to your exact body shape if you can’t find anything perfect off the peg.

6. Wear clothes that actually fit

It might sound simple, but there’s a good majority of men out there who put trends ahead of what actually suits them. Experimenting with different styles until you find something that genuinely looks great on your body takes time, but it’s important. Shopping for your specific body type, from specialist ranges like our ‘Big and Tall’ one, will do most of the trick for you – we’d always suggest opting for slimmer fits to flatter the body, no matter what you choose.

7. Approach patterns with caution

No matter what body shape you have, there are always going to be different patterns and colours that suit you more than others. As a taller man, you’re going to want to avoid anything that overly swamps your body or makes you appear wider than you actually are (like heavy pinstripes). It’s all about balance, so be careful not to clash patterns or colours – in our eyes, it’s always best to only have one bright colour or one bold pattern in every outfit. So if you’re going bright on top, keep it neutral on the bottom, and if you’re going for a bold checked trouser, keep your top half simple.





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