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How to look better in the gym this year

9 January 2019

One thing that this article isn’t here to do is to make you feel bad about the way you spent the festive period. After all, Christmas is all about eating, drinking and forgetting how to exercise. So, if that’s the way you spent the last few weeks, good for you. Don’t feel bad about it, don’t wish you hadn’t done it and for goodness sake, don’t vow to not do it next year. We all know that would be a lie.

Instead, embrace the new year and the healthy, fresh and the unstoppable new you. Whether you’ve being going to the gym every day of your adult life or are just figuring out how to turn on the treadmill, we’d safely bet that a good gym routine is at the top of everyone’s priorities for the new year (no matter how long that resolution actually ends up lasting).

It’s been said that the most difficult part of any workout is actually lacing up your trainers and getting out of the door. But once you’re inside the gym, the world is your oyster. And regardless of how often you make it there, the most important thing about any workout – in our eyes – is looking the part. Owning the right kit is the quickest, easiest way to feel strong, confident and give others the impression that you actually know what you’re doing. And while it’s safe to say that a quick workout is an undeniable way to refresh the senses, there’s genuinely nothing like a new bag filled with the right gym kit to help you feel really, really good.

Best foot forward

Out of everything you’re going to wear while you work out, your trainers are undoubtedly one of the most important. They should serve as the foundation of your entire outfit, keeping you grounded and your workout on point. The key is to strike the perfect balance: function and style need to go hand in hand in order for you to get the best out of your trip to the gym. Go for something with a thick sole for optimum support and when it comes to colour, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and pick something that’s going to stand out from the rest of your outfit.

Form and function

The world of gym kit can be difficult to navigate: it’s hard to sift through the stuff that just looks good and the stuff that does good while looking good, so we’ve done the hard work for you. The key to an amazing workout when the winter kicks in to get your base layers right. Whether you’re hitting an outdoor class or pounding the pavements, the last thing you need is for your muscles to seize up in shock due to the cold. Base layers should always be worn closest to your skin, and need to be pretty tight in order to actually work. Look for something that promises to keep the cold out while warming up your body, something whose material can handle the sweat and – of course – pieces that are going to look amazing with the rest of your kit.

Accessorise it

Like any outfit, the accessories you choose to wear during your workout have the capacity to raise what you’re wearing to the next level. Chuck on a pair of shorts and a hoodie and we guarantee that you’ll feel like there’s something missing. Particularly in the winter, any outfit you wear to work out in is going to need some added extras – hat, gloves, water bottle and headphones are just a starting point. Again, you’re going to want to pick something that has function at its forefront and that’s been designed specifically for exercise – go for a run in your thick, everyday beanie and you’ll soon realise the difference between that and something that’s made for a workout. Start with the basics and work your way up to the more complex depending, of course, on your fitness goals.

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