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With 46,500 entries, 28,000 votes and 14 award categories - the winners of the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards have been announced!

At an exclusive event in London, we were joined by super special guests including wedding blogger and 'Blogcademy' co-founder Kat from "Rock n Roll Bride" - to acknowledge the efforts of all the shortlisted winners!

So we know you're wondering who's taken the title for
Next Newcomer and we are delighted to announce it is...
Gracie Francesca from "Ugly Face of Beauty"

Huge Congratulations!

To find out who the winners were for the other categories, see what went on at the party and read about any upcoming events, trends and collections, keep an eye on the Next blog.


We're thrilled to reveal that the winner of the Next Newcomer Award 2014 is Gracie Francesca of the blog Ugly Face of Beauty. With so many fantastic beauty, lifestyle, food and fashion blogs that take part, the Cosmo Blog Awards is a brilliant way to discover new bloggers in the community as well as support your favourites. Why not see what bloggers got involved and check out their latest blog posts and videos? Perhaps they've been writing about the latest trends in women's dresses or a delicious dessert they recently tried. Video bloggers - also known as vloggers - might have been posting about their latest outfit hauls or what shoes they currently can't live without. Not to mention the lifestyle, relationship, craft, beauty, interior and travel blogs; ranging from trips to the wonders of the world to this season's sofa collections and DIY home accessories to make-up reviews. Keep up to date with the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 by following @CosmopolitanUK and @nextofficial on Twitter, using the hashtag #CosmoBlogAwards. Remember you can see photos and round ups of the night, as well as who won the other awards, over on the Next blog.